About Stay

What is your Check-in and Check-out time?
Our Check-in time is from 3pm to 7pm and our Check-out time is 10am.
We ask you to arrive by 7pm for the preparation of dinner.
If your arrival time will be after 7pm, it would be helpful if you could let us know.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, you can pay by credit cards.
We accept various types of credit cards including
Do you keep the luggage sent by mail prior to arrival?
Yes, we do.
Please write the date of your stay and your reservation name on the label of the mail.
Do you keep the luggage prior to the Check-in time?
Yes, we do.Please let the front clerk know.
Do you provide toiletries?
Yes, 1 bath towel, 1 face towel, and a toothbrush are in the room,
and a comb and a razor are provided in a large public bath.
Do you have a yukata for children?
Yes, we do.We have several sizesPlease choose the size upon arrival.
In the large public bath, we also have a baby bath and a bottle of baby shampoo.
Do you have hot springs in a guest room?
No, we don’t.
Our large public bath, a chartered bath and a footbath,
guest rooms with open-air bath rooms including Rin(凛) and Kohaku(琥珀) are hot springs.
Can we stay without meals?
You can stay without dinner, but breakfast will be served.
Can a pet also stay?
No, she/he cannot. We will guide you to pet hotels around us.
Does it cost for 1-year-old baby sleeping in the same bed with a parent.
We will not charge for children under the age of 1,
if they sleep in the same bed as their parents.
Children 2 years and above will be charged the admission fee of 3,240 yen.
The admission fee includes the breakfast buffet.

About Onsen (Hot springs)

Do you have a chartered bathroom?
Yes, we do.You can use the a chartered bath for 3,000 yen (tax exc.) for 50 minutes.
Our front desk takes a reservation on the day.
(You can use it from 3pm to 11pm and 7am to 9 am, from 00 minute to 50 minutes of every hour.)
Can a visitor for a day take a bath?
We are sorry,
but we do not take a visitor for a day for taking the bath.
Do you have a footbath?
Yes, we do.We have it on the rooftop.
If you are stay in our guest room, you can use it free of charge.
(You cannot use it from 9pm to 7am.)

About Cuisine

What time do you serve dinner?
You can choose the starting time of the dinner between 6pm and 7pm.
Please advice our guest clerk upon arrival.
What time is the breakfast?
Breakfast is served between 7:15am and 9:30am (last admission at 9:00am).
Please advise hotel staff on the day.
Breakfast is served at the buffet breakfast hall, MOEGI.
Do you prepare meals in a guest room?
Your dinner is prepared in your guest room or in a private restaurant.
However, you cannot basically choose from the two.
If you do not feel well or have disabilities, please contact us on a phone.
Please note that breakfast is served at the buffet breakfast hall, MOEGI.
Is it possible to change the menu?
Sorry, but we cannot basically change the menu.
Do you have a menu for children?
We serve a small menu for children over elementary schools students excluding some plates from adult's menu.
We serve a special children's plate for children below elementary school students.
Please advise us when you make a reservation.
Can we order additional dishes on the day?
You can order additional dishes before 6pm on the day.
You may not order some of the additional dishes due to the stock of foods.
If you can decide beforehand, please considering to order before arrival.

About Reservation

When do you start charging the cancellation fee?
We charge you the cancellation charges as below.
30% of the room charge 2 or 3 days prior to your reservation day
50% of the room charge 1 day prior to your reservation day
100% of the room charge on your reservation day
100% of the room charge without prior notice.
When should I inform you the additional numbers of people staying?
Please let us know one day before your stay.
As the numbers of people staying in the room change,
the price per person for staying may change.
Can I make a payment in advance?
Yes, you can.
We can accept bank transfer for the advance payment.
Please contact us on a phone for details.

About Facilities

Is there a shop?
Yes, there is a shop having various souvenirs on the ground floor.
The shop opens from 7am to 9pm.
Is there a vending machine?
There is a vending machine for soft drinks on the 4th floor,
and vending machines for ice creams and soft drinks on the 5th floor.
Do you have a wheel chair for rental?
Yes, we do.
The numbers are limited, so please advice us beforehand.
Do you have a microwave oven?
Yes, there is a microwave oven that is free to use on the 3rd floor.
Is there a washing machine?
Yes, there is a coin-operated washer dryer on the 3rd floor.
Is there an ice maker machine?
Yes, there is an ice maker machine that is free to use on the 3rd floor.
Is there Wi-Fi available in the guest room?
Yes, all rooms have Wi-Fi free of charge.
You can comfortably enjoy your PC, smartphone, and tablet devices.
Can I play a table tennis?
We are sorry,
but we do not have a table tennis facility.


Do you provide parking?
Yes. We provide parking free of charge.
Do you have a shuttle service?
We have a free shuttle service from/to the Kawaguchiko station.
Please call us when you arrive at the Kawaguchiko station.We provide a shuttle service by a car.
We also provide a shuttle service to the Kawaguchiko station in the morning when you leave.
Please advice the front clerk what time you would like.
Is there a convenience store nearby?
Yes, there is a convenience store 3 doors down from our hotel.
Do you have a sightseeing guide brochure?
Yes, we do.We provide guides of various facilities nearby
and discount coupons for some of the facilities.Please ask the front clerk.

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